This is a blog.

Been doing it a lot: Blogging. Only this time I think I have a purpose.

A mentor-event at Startupbootcamp CPH made me realize that I have an interesting brand. For some reason my very good friend Morten had put me on a mentor team with "general business people". Funny. I really think my skills lies in technology and not in business. After all I did invent a self-repairing chip, I did spend 6 months at NASAs Jet Propulsion Lab and I do have a PhD :). I probably do know something about startups as well, but let's face it. I never run a succesful one.. yet!

Anyway, therefore this blog will mostly contain thoughts about technologies that I'm working with and hopefully may provide some useful info for people working with them as well.

... and then there will most likely be something about startups as well.

Michael Reibel Boesen

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