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The Floor is made of Lava is heading in a nice direction I think.

Starting with their All juice, no fruit with track titles such as "Do your sister" and "Ikea did a job on you". A bit angry, slightly juvenilish yet very funny lyrics.
All juice, no fruit.

To their second album Howl at the moon.
Howl at the moon

It sounds a lot like All juice, slightly more catchier tunes maybe, but the lyrics changed for the more serious.

To their third album Kids & Drunks.
Kids & Drunks
Funny thing is that I've listened to it about 6 months ago and thought it was boring. Now, most of it is one long auditory orgasm especially tracks such as Traditional 84 and On the ropes - the track that you've been listening to since starting since the start of this blog post.

It's awesome, right?

P.S. I got to work on the styling of the posts a bit. They ugly.

Michael Reibel Boesen

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