Everyman day 28.

Ok it's definitely getting harder now. The past week I've been really smashed during my morning hours. And when I say smashed I mean a typical morning has went like this:

  1. Get up
  2. Pick the next challenge I'm currently working on
  3. Sit down and think about it
  4. Fall a sleep
  5. Wake up about 20 seconds later
  6. Realize what happened, re-focus on the challenge I'm currently working on.
  7. Think about it
  8. Fall a sleep
  9. Wake up 20 seconds later
  10. Repeat from 6

Yesterday I was so tired that just after getting up I simply just had to put in an extra 30 minutes nap. It helped a little but my mental faculties was still like jelly.

Unfortunately, the only two remedies that kind of worked was getting up and walking around or playing computer games. But even then I could fall sleep in the middle of a big Diablo III fight, so the only reason why that kind of worked was because I would wake up faster because of the noise in my headphones. And also it seems kind of silly to go through this just to get up and play Diablo even though it is terribly addicting :)

Are unstable bedtimes the cause?

I might have realized that it may have something to do with the fact that I haven't exactly hit a stable time to take my core during the past week. It has been everything from 12:00am to 1:30am. Could this be the problem?

Last night I got to bed at 11:30pm - i.e. only 30 minutes late according to my schedule and this morning I feel completely refreshed. It's crazy how good I feel compared to yesterday. I also remember dreaming during my core tonight, something that I'm not completely sure I remember some other nights these past weeks. However, in fact I have almost always had trouble remembering my dreams and pretty sure that this is due to a bad memory and not because I'm not getting any REM while being monophasic.

I will now also start to track my bedtimes, how awake I feel after the sleep and if I remember dreams or not in order to check this (I should probably have done this in the beginning). And I will also again try to be more strict with the bedtimes than I have been.


Apart from that I'm still sticking to it and I'm not close to giving up. I've gotten a lot worse at remembering to take my tests (is this a symptom? lol). I've only done the tests 6 times since the last blog post 2 weeks ago. Kind of stupid. I should take these more seriously.

The general trend though is that everything is pretty stable. If anything better, but the question obviously is how much better would I've been if I had been sleeping normally and still done these tests?

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