Everyman day 15

So I've now slept for only 4 hours every day for 15 days which equals 60 hours of sleep. Had I been on regular monophasic sleep for these 15 days I would have hit around 120 hours. Already I've lived 2.5 days more than everybody who are on monophasic.

That's obviously awesome but only if my brains are not mush for that extra 2.5 days. And I'm happy to report that I'm feeling awesome and I have at least some data to prove it.


Every day (at least the days that I remember to do it) I've done some tests of my mental performance. The test results can be seen here:
Reaction time in ms
Games on Lumosity

The top graph shows my reaction time since the beginning. It's somewhat stable although there's definitely a relation between how well I slept during my core sleep and how well I'm doing on the reaction time test. (btw I think I promised you a PVT test, but I realized that what I was doing was actually just a reaction time test). We'll get to how I'm feeling later on. However, I did notice that my reaction time is about 100 ms faster on Safari than Chrome. That's kind of weird.. These tests are done on Chrome.

The bottom graph shows the games on lumosity.com that I've used to test my mental performance:

  • Lost in Migration (selective attention)
  • Memory matrix (spatial recall)
  • Raindrops (numerical calculations)
  • Speed match (information processing)

The points on the individual games probably can't be compared so mostly look at the trends. As you can see for all games there's no difference or even a slightly upward trend.


So how am I feeling?

Well the past three days (not today though) I've been really tired during the day. But all up until day 11 I've been totally rocking it. I even did a Startup Grind interview on day 10 with Fadi Bishara from Blackbox.

I have no problems getting up, definitely not feeling tired at all. That changed from day 11 until day 14 (except day 12). These 3 days (11,13,14) I've been really smashed during the day, but especially during the 2am-7am slot. I've been able to do some programming and walk around but reading has been completely impossible! I've nodded off a couple of times on every single page.

This changed today. Today I'm feeling very refreshed and that's even with a quite bad core sleep. My naps today have been good and I dreamt really vividly for my morning nap. My naps are really effective. I'm falling a sleep in like 1 minute tops, both for core and naps.

In any case I definitely do not feel the same level of sleep deprivation that all of the other everyman blogs reports. You can always tell that I'm tired if I stutter more than usual and so far this have only been the case for the past 3 days. That is probably the best metric I have for measuring my level of sleep deprivation.


It just rocks! Here are some reasons:

  1. It feels so damn awesome to be done with a lot of stuff before 5am. That leaves the whole day open to even more fun stuff.
  2. Stress level is at an all time low, but I'm doing more stuff. I have the same responsibilities and projects to work on. But the extra 4 hours just make everything fit perfectly. Now I just need to make sure not to pile more stuff on to keep this feeling.
  3. I'm a night person. I love the night. The amount of focus that you can achieve is just so incredibly high. There are no distractions whatsoever. No sounds, no e-mails, no calls, no texts, no dishes, no cleaning - nothing, nada, zip. This means that not only am I up for 4 hours longer, but I'm also more effective in 5 of them (yes 5, since I'm up from 2am to 7am). Obviously assuming that my mental performance stays the same.
  4. I can actually relax without feeling bad. Yes this is a problem with my self-imposed busyness. You should listen to this podcast: Lazy, a manifesto - it hit me squarely in the face. So I'm now practicing more general lazyness.
  5. I can find time to do other useful stuff like meditating, reading, learning etc. Although when I tried to meditate for 20mins this morning I fell a sleep like 8-10 times. So I need to work a little on that - probably that will change when I'm fully adapted.


Obviously long term health is still a concern, but I'm really counting on my body sending me signals if things are starting to go bad. I keep a very detailed log about anything I feel that is out of the ordinary. So far I've only felt a little dizzy when I got up at 2am once. Obviously stuff like that need to be monitored.

Another thing is how to make it work in a relationship. Up until yesterday I was alone in my apartment as my girlfriend was out traveling. But she got back yesterday and is very understanding. I've also bought a Fitbit Charge HR which have a silent vibrating alarm that will wake me silently during the night. It worked quite well tonight, so let's see how it goes. The only problem is that it seems to fail at random times. Either that or I turn it off during my sleep. Would suck so much to oversleep at this point.


Yeah so things are going pretty awesome. According to multiple blogs Everyman should take about a month or two to adapt to. So I'm either 50% or 25% into it. However, I'm a little concerned that it may take me longer to adapt simply because I don't seem to feel the same level of sleep deprivation that a lot of the other polyphasic bloggers do. But we'll see.

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