Everyman: 5 months later

So.. I'm going to dump the surprise on my oh so many readers. I'm not on everyman 3 anymore!

You: ARG. Oh no what happened?!

Me: I'm going to tell you.

There are two reasons why people quit a polyphasic sleep schedule: (1) Girl/boyfriend/wife/sleeping-pal and (2) life.

In my case it was the second.


I was on vacation in Berlin (as reported here) and already I was aware that it was slipping. I never really managed to get into the same rhythm after I got back. I almost got it back to normal but then I went on a business trip to Berlin (yes again) with meetings all day. After I spent the first day falling a sleep to all meetings I had to do something. Either I had to find a way to take my naps or I had to stop. Since we were basically working or in meetings the whole day I just had to quit.


So now I've been sleeping monophasic for 3 weeks. And I both enjoy it and feel like I'm wasting SO much time. On the one hand I was really longing for the feeling to sleep a lot, but not in the sense of being tired. More in the sense of something that you really look forward too. I could do without it, but I really looked forward to it.

Going back to completely normal took about 1.5 weeks. The first week I was still falling a sleep in less than 30 seconds and sleeping the whole night with dreams and 100% like a rock. After that I returned to more or less normal. I still fall a sleep quick but I started to wake during the night again, which was quite usual before everyman.


I really miss my everyman. I want to go back so badly. But the noon nap was really a problem. The last month I almost never got it. I was too busy or not at a place where I could sleep. I'm definitely going to go back - the question is just if it should be everyman or some other schedule. I'm considering E2, where you sleep 4.5hours and then 2 naps of 20 minutes. But I will sleep SO MUCH with that one.. Anyway I need to think about which to pick.


One thing I want to comment on is "tiredness". Because I've experienced what to me is as close to proof as I can get to the fact that something must be working with the polyphasic sleep schedules and that manifests itself in the following.

For the past 4 days I haven't slept that much, but compared to when I was on everyman I've slept A LOT. The last 4 days I've averaged 5.5 hours, which is 1.5 hours more pr. day than with everyman. And I feel tired, exhausted and I stutter A LOT (I'm born with it). Especially the stutter "symptom" that one is really a telltale sign that I'm tired as fuck. With Everyman my girlfriend did not detect and increase and I didn't either. What's up with that?

So I sleep 5.5 hours monophasic vs 3 hours monophasic and then 3x 20 minutes naps and I feel a lot more tired with the 5.5 hours monophasic ?!

That to me is an indication that at the very least everyman is keeping me more awake with less sleep. Which is awesome.


So these past 5 months. What has it meant to me in terms of productivity? I started it because I wanted to be productive and spend more time building and doing stuff. So what is the result:
Well, over the past 5 months I've worked on 5 different web projects (freelancing tasks mostly and a startup) while keeping a fulltime job and my girlfriend is still here. I had 3-4 of them in parallel most of the time. I think that's feat. Oh and I started playing piano again.

Now when I'm back on monophasic and I still have 1.5 of the projects (startup and a freelancing job I'm still helping out) I really miss those 4-5 hours of coding at night in the dark and silence.

Next steps

At a party I talked to one of my girlfriend's friends who is a newly educated doctor who studies neurophysiology. I naturally talked with her about my sleep experiment and my desire to figure out if everyman really worked for me or not. We agreed to do a study where she gives me some tests that can determine if my brain functions better or worse while on a polyphasic sleep schedule. Hopefully we'll start with those soon.

If not I'm going to restart a polyphasic sleep schedule anyway. The question is just which one.. I'm also considering to experiment with the adaptation phase. I've read a lot about that keeping awake without sleep for as long as possible should be a short cut to adapt. I might try that.

I still really want to see if the Uberman (6x20 minutes, no core) really works.. but can I make it work? It's tough enough to get the E3 to work with the noon nap. And with Uberman I need to do at least 3 during normal work hours. Then of course there's the Dymaxion (4x30 minutes, no core). If I took my Dymaxion naps at 0, 6, 12, and 18 then I could still do with still the sole nap during the noon. And since it will become more pressing to take the naps in order to function one could hope that I might be able to do it. I might also be more motivated to try something harder... Challenge accepted!

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