Drone #7: Examining components

I took a look at the components I just received yesterday and realized a couple of things.

Here's a picture of the complete power system with the components of one "wing": One wing

Power system

To the left we have the battery which supplies power to the ESC (Engine Speed Controller), which is connected to the motor featuring the prop on top. At the top of the image is the Arduino Uno to which I will plug the ESC control cable as the Arduino will be in charge of controlling the motors.

The battery conveniently comes a with Deans connector to be able to easily connect it to the charger. In order to connect 4 ESC's to the battery I would need either a power distribution board or a harness. A power distribution board is a very simple PCB which simply distributes power from a source to multiple channels. A harness is simply wiring the red wires together and the black wires together.
I have decided to go with a harness since I need to show my soldering skills, anyway. I'm going to build a harness where I simply solder 5 red wires togher (4 ESCs + 1 battery) and 5 black wires together and then put Deans connectors at each end in order to be able to separate them and rebuild the quadcopter. I already know that I'm going to have to disassemble it several times. So when building the first version of the frame I also need to think about "disassemblability".

However, when looking at the thickest wires I got they appear to be too thin. So I also need to look for some thicker ones.

Frame version 0.01

I think that the first proof-of-concept (PoC) that I need to reach with this project is that I need to be able to show that I can actually wire/solder the components together and can make it lift off (however uncontrallably that may be) with some degree of control, i.e. I can turn the motors speed up and down.

I foresee that building the plastic frame I want might be my biggest challenge as this is an area where I know very little. It's very important that I can build it so that's stiff (so it won't get warped when taking off and flying around) and durable enough such that it can handle a few "accidents". Therfore, the very first version of the frame will be a lightweight piece of wood. It looks like I should have enough weight on my budget to be able to do that. In this way I can also experiment with various ways of packing the electronics.
One of the coming days I'll head down to Silvan (or wherever) and buy a square frame of wood of some sort.
But because of this very first frame also need to buy some longer screws for the engine. The one's accompanying it are very short and obviously suited for a light metal and/or plastic frame). I can probably get those at Silvan as well.

Steps ahead

  1. Await solder and bullet connectors to arrive from Amazon.
  2. Buy piece of wood, longer screws for the engine and thicker wire at Silvan.
  3. Get or borrow a drilling machine or find another way to make holes in the wood.
  4. Learn about plastic.
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