Drone #1

It's Jan 1, 2015. A good time as any to start new things. I want to become better at building stuff.

So today I start a sparetime project where the end result is a drone.
A drone

Why a drone?

Well, for starters: I need a challenge. Secondly, I want to learn some of these new physical building tools like CNC cutters, 3D printers etc and I thought that by building a drone from scratch I would be forced to learn them good enough. Thirdly, I recall that when I was working at NASAs Jet Propulsion Lab in 2010, what I ended up finding the most fun was tweaking with the instrument and the physical parts. Software is software, but getting it to do physical stuff - that's where the fun lies.

In the coming days I will work on spec'ing out what the drone should be able to do apart from flying. Right now my only ideas (coming from my wine-battered brain) are a camera and making it controllable via the internet. Need something better than that.

My guess is that with all the other stuff I have planned for 2015 this will take me a while to finish. But that doesn't really matter. It could be cool to have it finished in 6months or so. But we'll see.

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