Hi I'm Michael


I like to build things. Here's a brief list from recent to not-so-recent:

  • Corti (co-founder): We built the worlds first AI-based diagnostic system for 911s.
  • A drone from scratch: Still work in progress from 2015. I recently started working on it again.
  • cphftw (co-founder): A startup community initiative in Copenhagen with the aim of bringing together the whole startup commuity and kill the silos.
  • AppGarage: A student accelerator at DTU Informatics.
  • Self-repairing chip: My PhD which I also collaborate with NASAs Jet Propulsion Lab about.
  • Weather machine: Made out of paper when I was 5 years old. I never got it to work though.

This blog is supposed to be about stuff I build and technologies I play with.

If you want to talk to me about something feel free to catch me on hello@reibel.io or Twitter. Both should work.